This is a blog about finding and building our kid’s personal awesome.

About 5 years ago when my moments-old son R lay blue, bloody, and balled-up on a stainless counter in Germany, I silently promised that beyond my personal aspirations for him, I would help him find his own way to a fun happy life.  I made that same silent promise again two years later as I held my new son M.

Last weekend, it struck me how weird my boys were becoming. Two days of rain had turned the Mt. Auburn Cemetery into a series of puddles, and we spent several hours rescuing drowning worms and splashing our way from puddle to puddle. As we were loading up, R said, “It sure is great weather for saving worms!”  I agreed with a smile — perspective shapes everything.

I don’t know how to be a parent, but my wife and I have chosen an approach. We think kids need life experiences to discover and build their personal awesome. My boys have dramatically improved my smiles per day, but I also want to make the world a better place… to be useful…

I want my boys to live in a world where their ideas actively shape their reality.  Bubbles can be the size of cars.  Paper airplanes can fly all the way across yards with ease.  Homemade pretzels don’t have a specific shape or even color. Knots are best learned by taking turns tying each other to the living room chair.  This master plan is underway, and I feel like I’m on track to exposing them to skills and concepts on their lifelong walkabout to finding their own interests.

This blog is about me keeping my promise to my boys, and maybe helping other parents and kids find their personal awesome too.  [smile]