Picking pumpkins is a tradition I hope to continue forever… until the boys are at least 60 anyway…

Lessons learned

Pick-your-own is clearly the most memorable, but also difficult to find. It may also be labeled ‘pick-your-own’ like Year 4 near Boston, but is actually a collection of pre-picked pumpkins near the parking lot.

Questions worth asking before you visit:

  • Access to the field to physically pick your own?
  • Price per pound or per pumpkin?
  • Is there a corn maze or food also?
  • How long should we plan to spend there?

The Iterations

Year 1

Did nothing… as we were simply trying to survive being new parents

Year 2 (Best so far)

Rural Pennsylvania at a true pick-your-own, complete with a tractor ride to and from the field; having Grandma there also made it even that much better


Year 3 (Germany)

As ‘Halloween’ isn’t an international thing, I bought the monster-sized baking pumpkins that no one else wanted at the grocery store (price/kg made this pricey)

Year 4

Farm experience near Boston, pumpkins were already picked, but the boys liked picking out their own from the pumpkin area and pulling it around in the supplied wagons

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