The day (little) boys were right

“Dad… Ty and I have been thinking… we know there isn’t snow, but what about acorns?”

I wasn’t sure what to say. They were both looking at me with happy intensity, impressed they had come up with a truly innovative idea, and it was my job as Dad to somehow foster this creativity while also making sure they didn’t break anything serious on the fall. “Tell me more,” was all I could think so say.

“Well, we were over by Beaver Brook yesterday and there were a lot of leaves and acorns… Ty and I thought that we could actually go sledding there.”

“I get it buddy, but there isn’t any snow outside.”

“Dad we know, but what about sledding on acorns?”

“We won’t know unless we try will we… get your stuff on… it is getting dark so we better get moving.”

On the drive over, I told them how impressed I was at their creative idea that was still bending my brain a little. “This might not work” I kept telling them,, “but we’ll learn from the experience, and what if it does?” [too much what if by David Goggins?]

It worked incredibly well, absolutely every bit as good as the snow that isn’t total fluff or a sheet of ice. The light was magical, causing the oak leaves on the ground to glow with a deep earthy richness. Then it started to sprinkle snow. After many whooshes down the hill and their continual glee in reminding me how many times I said ‘this might not work’ we laid on our backs in the leaves and just breathed it in.

Their creativity had taken them to a place beyond where mine could go. I have a lot to learn from my boys, and am hopeful for many many more experiences just like this one.

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