25 thoughts to enable creative, gritty, loving individuals

As a parent, I think my job is to help my boys pursue their own story, and help them during these early stages of adventure, grit, and failure. As much as I want to sail to a deserted island, dig up treasure in a sea cave, and spend the rest of our days adventuring, they aren’t ready for this… yet.

To help them become the creative, gritty, respectable individuals I dream that they will someday become (of course what’s better than –Treasure Hunter– as a response to what do you do?), I formulated these 25 insights. 

Meshing with their own twist on most of these, I think they soon will be ready, and hopefully take me along sometimes!

Embrace possibilities, not fear.

Everyone wants to be happy, not just you.

Keep your word.

Love yourself first.

Don’t hate, ever.

Only you can control your emotions and reactions.

Go to bed angry. Time allows knowledge to rise above emotion.

Ask for help, value the insight, and pass the kindness on.

Don’t be a jerk, but when it happens, apologize quickly and sincerely.

Hold the door.

People aren’t perfect, and neither are you.

Believe in your own voice (take alone time to listen).

Nature will always give you more than it takes.

For a few moments each day, just breathe in that feeling of…alive.

You don’t need to forget, but you can’t grow unless you forgive. 

Say please and thank you.

Listen (much more than you speak).

Recognize that you will judge people based on their appearance (from your experience), but know that your judgement is wrong.

Work to understand each person’s unique perspective.

Smile (at the sun, at the stranger, at the tree, at the stars, at your reflection).

Give credit, and take the blame.

Search out happiness, and embrace the journey.

Tell the truth, but not always the whole story.

Take care of the little ‘guy’ and the big ‘guy’.

Appreciate that the past got you to this present, and never stop asking what if of the future.

I am certainly no expert at these, and continually struggle with #1, #4, #8, #18. As Seth Godin says though, “All we can do is all we can do, but maybe, all we can do is enough.”   Thanks Mr. Godin!

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